HCBS Central

Connecting Visits to Billing Solutions

We bring proof of visit to current billing solutions without the hassle of mulitple process steps. Through modern REST API's seamless integration and current authentications can continue without adding a layer of additional complexity

Mobile GPS Apps

IOS and Andriod Applications ensure location

Telephony Dial-In

Never busy Land-line dial-in, easy simple and integrated with any billing solution.

OTP Token

Attached to permanent fixture in home to use in cases of no landline or cell connectivity


Real time Pass-through API's for clock-in, authentication and location identification.

Why are we different?

Pass Through Authentication

Other EVV Solutions require creating creditials on their portal. HCBSCentral allows you to authenticate your user by passing back an OAuth token in which HCBSCentral will pass back this in subsequent calls passed to you.

Acceptance based on Authorizations

Other solutions do not deny or authorize based on allowed balance of authorizations. Because all services are based on authorizations allowing providers to work without authorizations is a potential liability. Allow re disallow clock-in from your solution and authorization balances.

Real Time Notifications

With mobile apps, real time notifications for clock-in helps providers remember to clock in. Forgetting to clock in is one of the biggest issues related to HCBS services and EVV.

Telephony Customization

As a billing provider you need special instructions when someone phones in for start of service. Our Rich REST API's help you by allowing any text in many different languages.

What if provider doesn't have a current billing solution?

API or Spreadsheet Interface

Governments can populate providers through API or providers by spreadsheet.

Loading of authorizations against custom service codes ensures clock-in's do not exceed approvals.

Load in service recipients location by address or GEO Codes. Multiple coordinates are possible in cases where community visits or work is performed.

Spreadsheet export to use for manual billing or reporting.

Rich API

Authentication can either be done directly on HCBSCentral or passed through to Billing Solution

Billing Solution should return an OAUTH token/key to be used on subsequent REST Calls

REST Api will expect client names to be sent after location is given. This will allow application solutions to present user with the ability to select which person will receive service.

REST Api will return the client that is choosen by user. This is necessary where there are two or more receipients of service per location

If required Billing solution can return whether there are authorizations available.

Service Codes, if necessary, will be passed during clock-in in order to look up available authorizations

Clock in/out times with service code and client ID will be passed as a webhook.

Equal mirror clock in/out times will be also stored on HCBSCentral server should it be necessary.

A fixed One-time-Password (OTP) will be attached to a permanent fixture and at start and end of service provider shall note number.

This number can be called in, texted in or entered in with HCBSCentral website. If Billing Solution wants to accept number REST API will return clock-in/out time.

The REST API provides a method to export all period time stamps via a JSON Object